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Lightness, strength , technique , aesthetics and color shades in only one item branded PASTORELLI!

The ribbon is 5.20 meters and it weights  35-36 gr

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  • Its  lightness (35-36 g total, against 34 grams of the regulatory minimum), combined with the commingling of shaded colours make this ribbon perfect.

    Being an artisan product PASTORELLI does not guarantee the correspondence between the real color of the item and the color displayed on the screen. It may also happen that taking more ribbons from the same batch, ribbon shades might be slightly different one another. Little paint stains do not represent commercial flows.

    IMPORTANT: The production of ribbon shades is to zero ecological impact: thanks to a professional production, the use of specific enzymes and bacteria, the water used in the process is returned to the environment clean.  

    . Soft
    . Dynamic waves
    . Not electrostatic

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