Pastorelli Shaded 5 m ARCHE' ribbons FIG - PLATINUM

New product

Lightness, dynamism and quality with unique color gradation achieved through highly technological processes.


5.20 meters, 35-36 gr, for individual competitors and junior teams.

Truly making this product one of a kind, our designers use high-tech processes to create professional quality, lightness, and a unique aesthetic.

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  • IMPORTANT: The ribbon is printed digitally only on one side, the non-printed side directly acquires the color by induction, so the colors on the back will be less vivid than the front. 

    It may happen that taking several pieces of the same lot the shades are slightly different from each other, as environmental variables are involved in the production process.

    ATTENTION: the Archè Gold quality ribbon has the same technical characteristics, quality and certification of the top quality ribbons called Archè Platinum quality but it differs from the latter for minor aesthetic defects, colour diffusion or vaporisation.
    Main features:
    - Soft
    - With dynamic waves
    - Not electrostatic

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