Chacott Gradation Ribbon 6 m

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Length: 6 m or above 

Width: 5 cm
Material: Rayon


722 Dream Blue         725 Ocean Blue

732 Light Green         736 Green                   

745 Rose Pink            747 Pink

749 Crimson Red        750 Coral

754 Scarlet                764 Sunset Gold

771 Lavender             772 Lira

778 Plum                   779 Oscar Blue

796 Rainbow     

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  • Video: Chacot Gradation Ribbon 2017

     A colorful gradation color, a ribbon that highlights performance with a feeling of dynamism. 

    ● It is of rayon material that delivers a supple and beautiful trajectory. 
    ● Because it is sewn with static electricity prevention thread, it can suppress generation of static electricity by friction. 
    ● Soaked thinly so the finish is soft. (You can use without washing)
    ● Japan Middle School Physical Federation Federation Handwork Regulation Adaptive Size

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